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Sooo Good Body Butter Products

Sooo Good Body Butter products are an all natural homeopathic skin care brand designed with everyone in mind. Our hand crafted skincare regimens are formulated to keep your skin GLOWING!

The active ingredients in all our products are Shea Butter, Coconut oil & essential oils. Our body butters keep you hydrated all day while our body polishes are made to gently exfoliate dead dry skin, revealing your true natural essence.

We use no parabens, alcohols and all products are cruelty free. We use recyclable jars so you can repurpose them and help us to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth!



SG Body Butter Video

Customize your skincare regimen: Choose your Body Butter scent, Choose your body polish scent, choose your body butter stick!

SG Body Butter


Zero Waste


Cruelty Free


Fair Trade

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